Why Choose Us

  • We care! You are not just a patient to us; you are a member of our clinic family.
  • We know our patients. We love treating generations of the same family.
  • Our doctors are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for their own patients — unless they are out of town. That means when you have an emergency or are ready to deliver your baby, your doctor will respond. We always have one of our doctors on general call, but your doctor is on call for YOU!

Our Mission

  • To serve our patients in a courteous, professional and friendly manner.
  • To make our patients aware that they are valued, and to develop long-term relationships with our patients.
  • To offer the most advanced state-of-the-art care, in diagnostics and treatment.
  • To promote regular preventative care by education and information provided by our physicians, to enable our patients to enjoy a lifetime of good health.
  • To have a highly trained and motivated staff, to provide a safe, positive and friendly atmosphere in the work place, to provide wages that are competitive and fair, to offer incentives for outstanding achievements, to offer continuing education departmentally.

At Jackson Regional Women’s Center, we keep these principles in mind as we carry out our daily responsibilities.

Code of Conduct

We, the staff of Jackson Regional Women's Center, have been and continue to be committed to the highest ethical standards in the conduct of our healthcare and business operations.

We demand of ourselves full compliance with all federal, state and local laws.  We are committed to preventing, detecting, and disciplining any unethical behavior.

We thrive and prosper on our quality medical treatment, and outstanding reputation for professional conduct.  We create systems and controls to keep ourselves informed, and perform according to these standards.

We are partners in defining the leading edge of vigilance in protecting the rights of all those we deal with professionally.